What you do today can improve all your tomorrow – “Productivity & Efficiency”

Ever wonder who should be making more money on daily basis?

Some might say the hawkers who sell fruits, water, drinks, others the food seller and many more. I want to move our focus to those in the transport system. Here in lagos, we have:-

  • Commercial buses (Danfos)
  • Taxis
  • BRTs
  • Tricycles
  • Motorbikes

Our focus today, is on the yellow commercial buses (danfos). When we look critically at how these people work day in, day out, they should be the ones shining because people patronize at all times. About 90% commercial buses starts work at most 5am in the morning to pick up those living far away from where they work to get to work early and get ready for the day. They should be the one’s shining but its the other way round, instead they are the ones who:

  • play lotto (baba ijebu)
  • ignore the fault in their vehicles until it becomes a big program
  • don’t cater for their children and family
  • drink and spend money on frivolous things
  • don’t save for tomorrow, thinking tomorrow will cater for itself
  • don’t manage resources well

Few things to learn are:

  • Be hardworking
  • plan each day a night before
  • arrive early, stay later
  • have the mind set of making money per day
  • track and limit how much time you are spending on tasks
  • set self-imposed deadlines
  • quit multitasking
  • take exercise breaks
  • be proactive not reactive
  • minimize interruptions
  • keep your goals in sight at all times

Sure you will find it very useful.

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