Entrepreneurship, both technical and commercial, is the driving element behind organization. The focus of this study is on the effect of technical entrepreneurial characteristics on the performance of small industry manufacturing operators in the food, textiles, and wood processing and fabricated metal products all of which are generally important in the industrialization of a developing economy such as Nigeria.

  • An Entrepreneur is responsible for solving problems, settings goals and reaching these goals through their own efforts.
  • Moderate risk taking as a function of skill, not chance
  • knowledge of result of decision task accomplishment. Since he is result oriented means that he must always set clear and measurable goals.
  • A result and action oriented entrepreneur must also, therefore, be goal oriented. He set goals that are high, challenging and difficult but realistic and attainable. After setting the goals and objectives, he then determine to know the result of his efforts in achievement the set targets. Bearing in mind the goals set, he persists even in the face of adversity and difficulty to achieve these goals.

When Entrepreneurs use their positive motions to work the country at large becomes economically good and if they do it negatively the country feels it too.

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