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Steemit is a blogging-centric social network where you DO get paid for creating and upvoting content. You can build a following, find patrons and grow your wealth, all while doing the thing you love: creating valuable content.

This workshop is designed to help you get started successfully on Steemit, and help you learn all you need to know to make money while having fun on steemit.

Program Content

1. Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin, Altcoins and Steemit.
2. Account creation and importance of introductions for non-anon users.
3. Creating/editing/formatting a post, markdown format, adding images and selecting rewards.
4. How the upvote and downvote system works, and feature comparison with old social media platforms.
5. Where does the ‘money’ come from?
6. Strategies for gaining followers, importance of commenting.
7. Dos an Dont’s on Steemit including use of copyrighted materials.
8. Steemit.Chat and best ways to use the platform.
9. Features of your Steemit account, how the wallet page works and transferring Steem/SBD.
10. How to use for quick exchanges and crypto trading platforms such as Bittrex.
11. How to power up, power down and cash out.
12. Bonus: How you can earn upto $500 monthly as a full time steemian.

– Blogger, Photographer and Writer
– Anyone interested in making money why having fun and sharing pictures, story and articles.

Duration: 1Day

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