Seek to be felt, be impactful

It’s another beautiful month and I must say congrats and welcome to the month of good tidings.

  • Many times we make new year resolution, month, day and so on but we don’t eventually get that which we propose to do?
  • Have you ever pondered the reason for that?
  • We all pursue success one way or the other but somehow it seems to work out for some and not for others, why is it like that?
  • Some even get to the point of giving up, remember that when you give up you simply call yourself a failure. A child who is learning to walk won’t give up even if he falls, instead he keeps trying until he is able to walk on his own without the help of anyone or anything.

Here are somethings to help you:

  • Put a smile on a face: make someone happy either by advising, showing sympathy, encouraging
  • Be known for something good: passing knowledge, interceding
  • Live an exemplary life: be a mentor to someone
  • Be approachable & friendly
  • Be a good listener and leader
  • Learn to tolerate others and remain who you are
  • Be a source of Inspiration: ability to foresee the future
  • Enable others to act: gear them up not to give up but press on

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