Failure is not the end of life but taking defeat is – PLAN

Growing up I used to love playing the ludo game. And for two months it has been on my mind to share with you all lessons from that simple game we overlook.
*Parts of the ludo relative to parts of our life;
The Board = life
The Cup = God
The Dice = Opportunities
The tokens = Resources, talents, Gifts

In our journey through life we meet people with different personality; the productive (green), the wild (Red), the peaceful (blue) the most confusing and unpredictable set of people(yellow). Yes we all at a point in our life run life’s race with at least one of these personality either as a spouse, friend, colleague, neighbor etc we strive to do our best. When God (the cup) rolls out opportunities(dice) to us, it either falls short our expectation(that moment ur dice shows(:)(:) or it exceeds and overwhelms us (:::)(:::)*twice* even when our expectations are cut short, we don’t stop playing so why give up on life?
The aim of the token is to go round the board. Either conquer by perking an opponents token or crossing over it to continue your journey to the final destination. U see? Overtaking is allowed in life’s race. Is that enough for u to give up?
Assuming an opponents token takes u out of the race has it taken you out of life? Failure doesn’t take you out of the life or league it only takes you back to strategy point so your determination can be better than before.
The only safe haven on the ludo board is the yard(that square at the corner) its our house in real life! But if we don’t take our token out and face challenges what can we bring home? So step out of your comfort zone to acquire knowledge, experience, and mingle with different personalities.
When you shatter the glass of your ludo board does it stop u from playing? So why do u want to give up on life because u see ur self wearing lesser clothes, or cos u suffer from outright inferiority complex? Its all in your head! Shake it off!you are a unique being and very precious to existence. Imagine wen we loose one of our tokens and we replace with paper, stone, bean seed etc we still play our game and we even win! Who says a disability or experience has to stop u?
Wake up each day with DETERMINATION
Wake up and take whatever God rolls out
Wake up each day telling yourself ” I WON’T QUIT”
You need to make plans because if you don’t plan then you plan to fail.

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Have a great weekend .
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