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We live in a world that has changed beyond the awareness of so many people,. We live in the era of Blockchain Revolution – pushing the boundary of global economy toward a decentralised global community.

This workshop series has been created to lets you appreciate and learn in practical term (hand-on) how you can create wealth with ease, thus attaining prosperity and financial freedom.

This program is deliberately designed to show you how and not necessarily the theories – but the practical ‘how’ – everyday ordinary people like you are creating/earning millions.

We are witnessing a revolution in front of our eye, you are not particularly disadvantage even if you don’t have so much to invest, actually, we would show you how to start from ZERO to Million.

  • Global Digital Economy – Opportunities & Possibilities.
  • Activating Multiple Stream of Income Online.
  • Unlocking Mobile Wealth Stream – Prosperity and Possibility.
  • Digital Currency Trading & Investment Opportunities (Bitcoin Unlimited Prosperity).
  • Setting up Your Own Mining Platform (5 Top Cryptocurrency Mineable With PC).
  • Social Media Entrepreneurship – Monetizing Your Passion.
  • Generating $500 Monthly With Zero Investment (Content Sharing & Faucet Options).
  • Blogging For Profit – Plus 10 Money Making Pipeline For Bloggers.a
  • Digital Intelligence & Situation Analysis (Online Presence).
  • Email Marketing and Content Marketing For SME.
  • Video Marketing (Creation and Distribution) + Online PR.
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat & Whatsapp).
  • SEO Implementation & Google SE Advertisement – For Business Acceleration.
  • Graphic Works Simplied for Non Graphic Designer.
  • Essential Website Development (WP) Skills For Digital Marketer.
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