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Digital Millionaires Activations (DMA) Series

We live in a world that has changed beyond the awareness of so many people, like my mentor would say, it’s a crime to be poor in this generation. We live in the era of Blockchain Revolution – pushing the boundary of global economy toward a decentralised global community.

This workshop series has been created to lets you appreciate and learn in practical term (hand-on) how you can create wealth with ease, thus attaining prosperity and financial freedom.

This program is deliberately designed to show you how and not necessarily the theories – but the practical ‘how’ – everyday ordinary people like you are creating/earning millions.

We are witnessing a revolution in front of our eye, you are not particularly disadvantage even if you don’t have so much to invest, actually, we would show you how to start from ZERO to Million.

Traditional Investors and Fund Manager will get to learn, how to meet you annual ROI in just few month, yes in paying particular attention to capital security.


This workshop is for everyone and institution that want to explore the digital space and cryptocurrency eco-system for wealth creation. Those seeking working knowledge of the Blockchain Technology –especially for wealth creation can also attend.

Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Investors, Business Owner and Fund Manager – This Workshop is a Must.

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Conference Schedule

DAY 1: Activating Multiple Stream of Income Online [ 2nd Saturday of Nov]

  • MODULE ONE: Exploring the 7 Fundamental Digital Venture Models – Getting Started.
  • MODULE TWO: Wealth Creation – The Digital Tollgate Strategy (Practical Modelling).

DAY 2: Digital Currency Trading & Investment Opportunities [3rd Saturday of Nov]

  • MODULE THREE: The Unlimited Prosperity: 10 Ways of Making Money from the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. [Trading, Arbitrage, Stacking, Leading, Faucet, Investing, Earning, Mining, Creating and Clubs] – A Practical Guide.
  • MODULE FOUR: Day–Trading Opportunities (100% Practical Session).

DAY 3: Generating $500 Monthly with Zero Investment [ 4th Saturday of Nov]

  • MODULE FIVE: Generating about $500 Monthly With Zero Investment – The Faucet Options.
  • MODULE SIX: Generating about $500 Monthly With Zero Investment – Content Sharing Options (Top 5 Platform that pays you for creating and sharing content – All You need to know to start Earning even in the during the class).

DAY 4: Portfolio Management for Investors & Fund Managers [ 1st Saturday of Dec]

  • MODULE SEVEN: Setting Up a Winning Portfolio and Portfolio Management For Investors and Fund Managers – Achieve upto 20% Return on Investment Per Month.
  • MODULE EIGTH: Setting up Your own Mining Grid For Digital Currency – Why Work For Money When You Can Mine It (Top 5 Cryptocurrency Mine shall be setup during the Class).

Pre-register for 2017 Event

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Event Location


  •  Address: CROWN  EDGE HOTEL, 13 Afolabi Aina Street, Off Allen Avenue – Ikeja Lagos State.
  • Phone: 012930669, 09036705483


  • WEEKEND STREAM: Start 11th November – 2nd of December 2017 (4 Saturdays)
  • WEEKDAY STREAM: 20th – 24th November 2017