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Who We Are

Digital Economy Initiative (DEW Initiative) – is a non-governmental initiative with the primary objective of empowering youth, women and person with disability with digital skills and tools.

In other to win the war on poverty and unemployment – We believe, TECHNOLOGY hold the keys – with technology several thousands of jobs and billions of dollar can be created. Nigeria can as well be position is the DigitalHub of Africa – however, we need our Army of Youth to be empowered and prepare for the Digital Economy Revolution.

Our mission is to create a digital economy network – that will help solve social problem such as: unemployment and poverty – by way of digital entrepreneurship and competency enhancement.  Through this project, we intent to empower/engage 6,000 Youths;  5,000 Women and 600 Person with Disability Annually.

We intend to partner with religious organization, ngo and even government agency to drive penetration nationwide. Join hands with us as we jump-start this digital economy revolution.

Focus Group


Goals & Objective

Wealth creation – Digital Entrepreneurs
Job creation- internship opportunities
Empowering youth, women and people with special needs.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the DEW Initiative is to empower women and youth with digital skills and tools, that would enable them to be productively engaged – thus, reducing poverty and unemployment among youth, women and person with disability.

Our Vision

We envisage a future where all youth and women who desire wealth, is empowered sufficiently to be able to create wealth digitally.

Our Objective

The main objectives of DEW Initiatives are:

  • To help youths and women acquire skills and tools to create innovative tech venture, thus creating jobs and contributing to national socio economic development.
  • Systematically fights poverty and unemployment with technoprenuership
  • Exposure youth and women to information and skills that will help engage them productively.
  • Help the nation create the next generation of digital skilled workforce needed to champion Africa Digital Revolution – prepare the youths for today Digital Economy Opportunity
  • Helping young graduates acquire skills needed in today economy – to help them either secure good job and/or create their own digital venture